Handbook of Energy Efficiency for Industry

About the Book

Energy efficiency for industry involves a vast spectrum as varied as the industry itself. This book focuses on the utilities in industries which narrows down the coverage to a finite area. Here the concentration is on industrial utilities such as boilers, air compressors, motors etc which support all industries even though the industries have different processes and manufacturing lines.
There are 12 to 15 utilities commonly used in all industries and these consume a large proportion of energy. While the processes in each industry are more complex and require a high degree of intricate knowledge before any improvement is undertaken in the process, the utilities can be approached more easily for the purpose of energy efficiency. Processes may have some uniqueness but the utilities have more commonality with other industries.
This book is based on ‘hands on’ experience of visiting almost all major industries in the country for the purpose of selling the concept of energy conservation and energy efficiency in their industry followed by sale of software systems, sensors and monitoring equipment. For this purpose, many presentations were made in the locations of the industries and with content specifically applicable to them.
As energy costs in manufacturing form a large component of total production costs, energy efficiency concepts find a very receptive audience across the industries and across the hierarchy in every industry. Consequently, all industries and people comprising management, engineers and operators will find useful information in the book which they can consider practical and put it to use in their work.
In the book, each utility has been assigned a chapter. Thus if an engineer needs to improve energy efficiency of an air compressor he can obtain all the steps required for achieving his objective.

About the Author

The Author has over 15 years of hands on experience in the practice of energy efficiency and conservation. For his work he has covered almost all the major and medium industries including power plants, cement , textile and other manufacturing concerns. In this endeavour he has interacted with senior management and addressed the challenges faced in reducing energy consumption in their plants.
He is an engineer (Electrical and Mechanical) from Naval College of Engineering and MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute, Mumbai. With total experience of over 40 years in reputed organizations, he has worked in manufacturing, projects, maintenance and business management. He is an expert for measurement and verification of energy consumption.


Foreword by Dr. Ajay Mathur, Director-General, The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), New Delhi
Preface vii
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Utilities 
Distribution of Electricity in the Plant 
Efficient Running of Motors 
Operational Efficiency of Pumps 
Compressed Air System 
Boilers and Steam Distribution 
Efficiency of Fans and Blowers 
Transformers and Their Efficiency 
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Efficiency 
Cooling Towers 
Fuels and Combustion Efficiency 
Harmonics and Power Quality 
Efficiency of Secondary Generation 
Furnaces and Refractories 
Auxiliary Power Consumption in Large Boilers 
Waste Heat Recovery in Industries 
Renewable’s and Environment 
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Buildings 
Energy Monitoring, Energy Balance and Practising ISO 50001 
Initiation of Energy Efficiency in Plant Utilities 

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